We are headed out tomorrow morning on a Pilots N Paws Freedom Flight

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Hi everyone, 

Mom, Dad, Terry and I are headed out very early tomorrow morning with 8 pups on their Pilots N Paws Freedom Flight from NC to NJ.    These little pups are soooo adorable.   I can’t wait to meet them.   We’ve will fly to Easton, MD and meet Pilot Chris.   It’s Chris’s very first PNP flight.   My Daddy has a PNP Official Pilot shirt and cap.   This is going to be sooo much fun.   And......we are having lunch at my favorite cafe.....Sugar Buns at the airport.    If you haven’t been there...l.you have no idea what you’re missing.   I LOVE this place AND....I sit in a booth just like everyone else!    If you go......tell Susan and Barbara that Abigail sent you!💕💕✈️🐾

Attached are some more pictures of the rescue pups.   There are 8 pups!!!    I’m going to have sooooo much fun!