❤️✈️ Rocky Mount Airport

Posted by Abigail Zeneski on

Scarlett was soooo happy to see Jessica today at the Rocky Mount Airport.   I heard Jessica talking on the radio and I got excited!  I stood up in Mom’s lap and I told her to press the button so I could tell Jessica we are on final approach and landing shortly. Jessica told us she had my chair ready and I was so excited!,, Scarlett was talking her head off in the back seat.  She was excited too!  As soon as we landed, I hopped on the wing and I saw Jessica on the way to get me.   I went inside, got in my perch and was waiting for Mom to get me my 3 pieces of popcorn….actually I had 6 pieces today.   We ❤️❤️❤️This airport.   They have great service, super friendly staff and an over the top snack area complete with fresh, cooking hot dogs!   Of course Daddy had to have a hot dog!   I love the fresh popped popcorn and…..they are getting ice cream soon!   I’m ready to be their intern!  I love meeting people and I think I would be a great greeter!