Puppies And Airplanes

Puppies And Airplanes

That’s right. Our story begins with puppies and airplanes. Let me explain . . .

My husband and I have been using our airplane to rescue puppies by flying them to safety. Rescue from what, you ask? Well, you may not realize it but local county run “shelters” with limited space and budgets will euthanize these innocent creatures when the shelters become overcrowded. Unfortunately they seem to be overcrowded all the time.

The good news is there are “safe shelters”. These shelters exist in states where it is illegal to euthanize animals. So you see, there are “kill” shelters and there are “no kill” shelters. Our goal is to transport as many puppies as we can to “no kill” shelters. We do this by volunteering our time and airplane expenses and work with other volunteer pilots to accomplish this goal. And, it’s not just puppies. We also rescue adult dogs that have been abandoned for various reasons and an occasional kitten will manage to find space in the airplane as well.

Okay, but you are wondering about the boutique aspect of this. Well, notice that the puppies in the image above are not naked. Need I say more . . .

I invite you to browse the site and see all the clothing and accessories we have available for your "fur-baby" or a "fur-baby" of a friend or relative.