Adopt DON’T Shop!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Good morning!

If you’re looking for the perfect pet....start with shelters first.   There are sooo many previous furbabies that would love to be a member of your family!   Rescue dogs are the best!  You can look on or and put in exactly what you’re looking for.   You will get emails, pictures, updates, etc.   If you see a pet you would love to adopt but it’s sooo far worries..,.there are lots of doggie ground transports available plus there are lots of Pilots out there that will fly your dog to you too.   My Dad & Mom fly rescue dogs all of the time to safe shelters ir to their forever homes.   Please adopt and don’t shop!

In the shelter, so afraid, crying real tears....Adopted!  Now has the life she deserves.

Lots of furbabies looking for homes!

This baby had been attacked by big dogs, lost her eye and was sooo afraid...but someone saved her...took her to a shelter and she is now adopted, happy and safe! 

Check with local shelters and online at or


Abi & Scarlett