Another busy day!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Good morning!

Today has been soooo much fun!   We stopped by my favorite airport for fuel and popcorn!  Brian kept me entertained and helped Mom get me set up in my chair….complete with my ice water and 3 pieces of popcorn…..Scarlett came over and drank ALL of my water (even though she had a big water dish filled with ice wate)!😱.    

Scarlett and I ❤️❤️❤️ the automatic doors!    Last week when we were at the airport, Mom, Jessica and I were headed up the sidewalk and I needed a “private moment”….wellllll when I got up to the door….it wouldn’t open!   I was devastated and sat there looking really pitiful ….but no worries….two pilots were coming up to the door and pressed the button for me…..I let everyone know I was not happy with being locked out.   I couldn’t believe they left me behind the bush (in my private moment)!   Scarlett told me the doors to the planes have a button to press…..but the doors out front know you are there and open for you!🤣🤣.  Ummmm….I learned something new today…..if I need another private moment, use the front door!