Another Road Trip!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Good morning!

Yesterday was another road trip!😱.  My Daddy’s airplane is in the airplane hospital and we had to drive to VA so he could fly it back home!   I started to ride back with him because it’s only a 30 minute flight vs a  3 hour drive!   But, I didn’t want Mom and Scarlett to be sad because I went with Daddy….  I discovered the perfect spot for me….in the very back of the car!   I can spread out and baste in the sun.  I love it!   But, I don’t like having to step over the gap in the seat….  I was crying and telling Mom I was afraid to jump….but she was driving and couldn’t do much to help me… problem….I jumped on Scarlett’s back, used her as a bridge and hopped in the front seat with Mom….mission accomplished!


I need help getting to the seat!  Scarlett came to my rescue….and let me use her back as a bridge🤣❤️