Beautiful night tonight!

Posted by Abigail Zeneski on

Hi everyone!

We are out taking a scroll and it’s the perfect night.   I asked Daddy if he brought the “pole”…he forgot!   I can’t believe he forgot!  All neighbors have one on their docks to tell the alligators to go away!   Alligators love to come up out of the water and sun!  We’ve been very lucky and haven’t seen one on our pier sunning in a couple of years.   You’re supposed to tap the pole on the pier and they go back onto the water.  We had about 12 guests a couple of years ago sitting on the end of the pier, watching the sunset, grilling, etc and saw one on our neighbors pier.   But I think he spent the night because he was still there when we left.  We make a lot of noise to let them know we are in the area and do not disturb us.🤣🤣🤣🤣