Big Rescue Flight

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Good morning everyone,

It’s been really busy around here.   Dad & Mom met Janice at airport and loaded up 10 adorable puppies to go on their Pilots N Paws Freedom Flight to NY.   Their first stop was Georgetown, Delaware for a potty, water, playtime break.  Pilot Erik was eagerly awaiting their arrival.  All pups were loaded into Erik’s plane and off they went to Isilp airport, NY (Long Island).  Most of the puppies have already been adopted and there are applications waiting to adopt the others. You can go to Gate Nine Boutique Facebook or Instagram and see more pictures and videos.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Abi & Scarlett 💕

Janice is trying to get leads untangled while my Daddy is getting them fresh water.  Have you ever seen 10 pups taking a potty break at the same time?  Omggggg get out of their way!  Doggie poop bags were filling up fast!

Big crate in the plane is filled…now it’s time to fill the next crate filled!