Big Rescue Flight this weekend!

Posted by Abigail Zeneski on

Hi everyone 

There are 19 dogs (and 2 cats) going on their Pilots N Paws Freedom Flight with us this weekend.  I’ve been busy helping Mom put together “swag” bags for them with lots of goodies….treats, toy, blanket and a snuggler to take with them to the shelter and on to their new forever homes.  

i ❤️ helping rescue dogs!   Scarlett & I have been in the same situation!   We “tell” them they are going to be safe and happy and have food, treats, toys, ice water and a warm bed.

In the picture, Bo Carson, our airport manager, is giving fresh ice water to some pups before they head out on the next leg of their journey to a safe shelter in New York.

Stay tuned…


Abigail & Scarlett