Birthday Fun!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Hi everyone,

I had sooo much fun on my birthday!   I had cake, presents, balloons, fun with Daddy and so much more!   Mama Pam gave me the most beautiful round puffy blanket/pallet and it has my name on it….in Gold!  I’ve been laid out on it all afternoon.   This will be perfect in my stroller, airplane, car seat and everywhere else.  I’ve been sleeping this afternoon….Daddy chased me, hid my baby, played hide and seek with me…had my feet spinning and I didn’t have a nap all day.  But I got on my new puffy bed and was fast asleep.   Daddy told me to be quiet….he was trying to watch the news…,,Apparently I was snoring……really really loud! 🤣

Mama Pam has a hurt toe and she wasn’t rolling around in the floor playing with me,,,,,but she was kissing on me❤️❤️❤️   You should have seen Scarlett when Mom asked her if she wants to go to Pam’s.   She was at her front door before I got out of mine….she wants to make sure she gets there first and blocks my entrance!  But she found Nala’s treat toy and it kept her busy for a few minutes while I had Mama Pam time!