Girl’s Day out!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Good morning!

Today, Mom and Linda are headed to their hangout.....Logan's for shopping and lunch.  I'm staying home with Daddy and Scarlett.   Logan's was my favorite place to go for lunch too......UNTIL.....I got attacked by bees while I dined outside.   I had a major meltdown...I was screaming to the top of my lungs and letting everyone within a mile know I was being attacked.   Mom says I wasn't being attacked....the bees were only pollinating the flowers....but they were too close to me and making an awful noise.  The first "attack" was when Raffel was walking me around inside, introducing me to everyone......he walked out onto the side patio and the bee thought I was the bullseye!   I tried not to scream but after another 5-10 started flying towards me.....I lost it.   I was screaming for my Mom.  Mom grabbed me and was holding me...trying to calm me down but I was still a nervous wreck.   I got into my stroller, zipped up the sides, put the hood & a blanket over me ...but I could still hear the bees.....Mom, Linda and I ended up sitting in the car finishing lunch and we didn't get much shopping accomplished......Now, I stay home where I don't have to worry about the early Spring.....our yard is full of them and Daddy has to carry me outside.....sit me down.....I do my business really really fast and back into the house I go....sometimes I hide and refuse to go out......but my potty pads are ready for me just in case.....