Busy Weekend!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Hi everyone,

Scarlett and I along with Dad & Mom took a LONG road trip to NY to see family.  Our airplane is having a problem and is in the airplane hospital.  It was a long, long drive….traffic was a nightmare and STORMS!  Scarlett and I were under blankets in the backseat snuggled together.  The storms were so bad that my Daddy pulled over under a huge bridge along with about 25 other cars on Interstate 95….traffic was basically at a stand still in the middle of the interstate.  The hail stones sounded like garbage cans falling on the car.  I got in the front seat in Daddy’s lap when we were under the bridge..  Scarlett & I were basket cases…..I had to get in my safe spot (under Daddy’s shirt).  

I was a happy girl when I saw my grandma, my brother Andy, my Aunt Pam and Uncle Wayne, cousins and all of the furbabies.   Scarlett loves playing with the other dogs and they were big like her.   Except one little doodle/poodle that was more of my size.   But I played it safe and was glued to my Mom all afternoon..

Isn’t this baby the cutest?    We “clicked”💕
Scarlett loves to shake hands with everyone.  She had lots of playmates at Aunt Pam’s and she lovedddd it.     Even when she was prancing down the runway in our fashion show…..she stopped and was shaking hands with guests🤣.

We are loaded up and ready to leave the hotel room.   Daddy is doing his final 3rd check to make sure we have everything.   Scarlett & I are sitting at the door!  We are ready to go!

I’ll be one happy girl when we get home.  My baby has been tucked away safely in the glove box the entire trip….other than for a few minutes when I got to snuggle with her.   My baby got lost one day at the park and I had one major meltdown.  Mom & Dad went back to the park and found her.  Now my baby isn’t allowed to leave our house ….but since this is such a long trip and baby and I are soooo bonded……she got to come along….but has to stay in the glovebox.

Have a wonderful day!

Abi & Scarlett 💕