Call me FLY GIRL!!!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Hi there!

Today, my Mom, Dad, Scarlett and I actually got out of the house and went flying!   I was soooo excited I was jumping all over the place helping my Mom get me dressed.   Scarlett and I were jumping all over the place.......we hopped into the airplane before they got it preflighted.....we didn't care.....we just wanted to get into our headsets, get into our seats and take off!   We flew up to my Mom's hometown, ventured over her cousin's house, took some pictures.......and flew around about an hour....but that's fine with us.........We have been on lock down for quite a while and every time we leave the house is an matter if it's our regular walk every morning or just going outside to's an adventure.....   We didn't see anyone other than our little family and didn't have to worry about masks, gloves, etc.   Yes, Scarlett and I have our own masks....but we didn't need them today.

Please stay home and stay safe!