Candy Williams is a HAPPY girl!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Good morning everyone,

It doesn’t seem like it’s over six years since our favorite rescue girl landed in NC.   Candy, (named after Candace Engle, the wonderful rescue lady that saved her) was in a high kill shelter in Kentucky and was within hours of being euthanized.   Candace made some phone calls, told them she had an adopter, got her execution stopped and then things really got to rolling.   Candace posted the transport request on Pilots N Paws and her trip was scheduled.  My Mom and Dad met the Kentucky Pilot in Winston Salem, NC and headed to Wakefield, VA to finally meet her Daddy, Joel.   Mom and Dad said Candy basically sat up front with them and talked during the entire flight.  She was such a happy girl and was sooo excited about meeting her Daddy.

Candy was sooo scared in the shelter.  She was crying!

She came up front and talked during the entire flight!✈️

Candy has arrived and her Daddy is waiting at the gate for her!

Instant bonding!  Joel and Candy were meant to be together. 

Mom & Dad got to see Candy, Joel & Lynn recently in Williamsburg, VA, over 6 years from when Candy arrived to her Daddy. 


Scarlett & I LOVE helping our parents on rescue flights.  I really think the dogs know they are safe when we put them into the airplane and they are looking forward to a happy life with their new family.   

Remember..... ADOPT DON’T SHOP!   There are sooo many wonderful, loving dogs in shelters that need you!


Abigail & Scarlett