Cats love to wear clothes too!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

 Hi everyone,

Isn’t this kitty cute in her red Christmas dress?   We have lots of customers that buy the cutest outfits for their cats.   Yesterday, we had a Mom bring in her cat and two kittens, in their kitty stroller, to shop.  Their Mom bought them matching Christmas Candy Cane dresses and they were absolutely gorgeous!!!  They are all going to pose for their Christmas portrait on Friday.   We had a white Persian cat shop with us last week.   She had the most beautiful blue eyes....usually, I freak out and start chasing cats (if they are smaller than me) but my Mom had given me orders that I was not to bark or growl....sooooo I perched myself in my stroller and tried to refrain from jumping out.    Kitty’s Mom bought her a gorgeous red coat with a black fur collar and matching leash and some red pajamas.🎄

I’m sooo excited about Christmas!