Check out Charron’s Deli in Youngsville!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Good morning!

It’s time for lunch and we are headed across the street to Charron’s Deli.   Dad & Mom love this place.  I haven’t been inside yet…Scarlett & I camp out in the car while they have lunch…but as soon as the weather warms up….we can all dine outside at the Yacht Club and I can’t wait.  Did you know Youngsville has a Yacht Club???   We didn’t either until the other day.   Sue, the owner of Charron’s, took us out back introduced us to it and it’s awesome!  It’s huge with trees, tables and lots of privacy!  This is going to be my favorite dining place….(as soon as it warms up outside).

The food at Charron’s is delicious!  Plus, they have a breakfast menu.  This is perfect for us because before we discovered Charron’s we had to pickup our lunches, etc the night before that we were taking with us in the plane.   But now, we can pick everything up on the way to the airport! They open at 7!  They also have sweatshirts, tee shirts and other neat gifts.

The cafe is located across the street from our boutique.  You can shop at Gate Nine Doggie Boutique at The Tin Pig and have breakfast, lunch or dinner across the street at Charron’s and spend the day browsing around in downtown Youngsville.  

Daddy & Sue

Look at this old bicycle in the window!❤️

I would love this car in my room!

Lot’s of neat gifts!

They have 2 rooms for dining or you can eat out back at the Yacht Club.

Seating is available out back too!

Tell them that Abigail sent you.❤️❤️❤️🐾