Check out the two poodles in the picture

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Hi everyone

i was asking my Mom today about the two poodles in the picture.   She told me she once had two poodles...Arkie & Sissie and Debbie Jeanne (our cousin), crossed stitched this picture for her many decades ago.   I think my Mom was still a teenager in those days.   Mom told me the picture beneath is a lady wearing a hat and carrying a Maltese.  My Mom says this picture reminds her of herself.   She loves hats and had a Maltese years ago that reminded her of the little dog in the picture.   As you can see from the other pictures.....I’m walking on the wing of the airplane and Scarlett is posing on the stairs.    I’ve had several people ask about the pictures they sometimes see in the blog you know....the rest of the story   🤣🤣💕🐾

Scarlett & yours truly