Chicken Soup For The Soul… Dog Food is Delicious!

Posted by Abigail Zeneski on

Hi everyone,

I want to say Thank You to Chicken Soup For The Soul for sending us boxes and boxes of dog /cat food.  The shelters we work with are going to be ecstatic to receive the food for the shelter dogs and cats.  Mom always puts a bowl of food out at night at the edge of the woods for a stray mama dog and her puppies.   We’ve tried to convince the mama dog she will be safe with us but she’s not quite sure yet.   She keeps her distance and runs away when she sees anyone.  A shelter is going to try and get her and her babies to the shelter for medical treatment, get the mom spayed, shots, etc and on to a safe shelter where they can all be adopted and live the life they so much deserve.

The next time you’re in the doggie food section, look for Chicken Soup For the Soul for your dog or cat.   There are several varieties, bite sizes, etc.  This is a great company that helps shelter dogs…. their food is high quality, no preservatives and it’s prepared in the USA! 🇺🇸  Scarlett & I both were shelter dogs and we know what life is like in the shelter… receive really good quality dog food is rare but thanks to this company, there are going to be sooooo many happy dogs (and cats)!


Abigail & Scarlett