Christmas Decorating is complete!!!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Hi everyone,

Our house and all of the boutique locations are now decorated for Christmas.   I am soooo excited!  I LOVE Christmas!  I wanted to put a "Scarlett" and "Abigail" stocking up at all locations but Mom said nope.......only 1 stocking each and it has to be at home.........oh well, I tried........

Mom has started baking her famous Chocolate Fudge Cakes and is putting them in the freezer....she will put the icing on them just before she delivers them.   Our kitchen is smelling awesome........  A friend told us how to make the kitchen smell really, really's simple........just take some oranges, lemons or limes and using a skewer or ice pick, stick holes in the fruit and then insert a whole clove.   Mom puts about 15 in each piece of fruit.  Then, place the fruit in a paper bag for about a week.....when you take the fruit out, it smells divine!   You can easily add a ribbon by putting two holes in each piece of fruit and running the ribbon thru it.  Or you can place the fruit in a bowl and it will give out the most wonderful smell in your house.

Check back for more fun tips.......from us!!!!


Scarlett & Abigail