Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Finally, it’s my turn for a cookie.   I was really busy earlier today!   I had a spa appointment and then had to head to the park to get some exercise in and do “my business”.  I’m off by a couple of hours today and can tell a biggg difference.   
As soon as we got back home, I got my baby, perched myself in the most comfortable chair in the house with my blankie,,,and took a nap!   I stress when I go to the spa.   Today was just me....Scarlett is every other 4 weeks....I get anxiety when it’s just me..  I want my Mama or Scarlett with me! But I love Kris and she gets me in and out fast....she knows Mom,is stressing big time without me...🤣.  You should have seen Scarlett when Mama picked me up....she was kissing me!  She missed her little sister!❤️❤️❤️