Cuteness Overload!💕🐾🐶

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Happy Tuesday everyone,

Our human pajamas with matching doggie pjs are flying off of the shelf.  They are sooo soft and cuddly!  We have gingerbread, snowman and red plaid to choose from.     My Dad, Mom, Scarlett and I have marching pajamas and I LOVE them.   Everyone knows how much I love to dress up in cute clothes......welllllll...Scarlett, my lab sister,  turns into a prissy diva when she has clothes on.    She is one major wiggle butt!!   Seriously....I’m the diva and Scarlett needs to understand that my little 7 pounds of cuteness is much cuter than her 80 pounds but it’s the happy season of the I won’t say anything other than she’s cute.....and I won’t tell you what I’m really thinking...😱😱😱😱