Daddy decided to take a short cut!!!! With my stroller!!!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

This morning we were walking our normal route at the golf course and there was a dead deer!!!   We thought we were seeing things!   The deer was almost on the golf cart path and there was no way we were going to walk near it since there were about 50 (no kidding) huge buzzards devouring it!   My Mom picked me up, covered my face with my blanket to keep me from looking at the dead deer, and Daddy took off with my stroller "in the rough"........  Thank heavens Mom grabbed me because it would have been a really rough ride!  

The trees have leaves now and birds are singing everywhere....i LOVE going on our walks......Scarlett gets to run and chase bunnies!   But.....if one of those bunnies decided to turn around and chase Scarlett....she would be wanting my Daddy to pick her up........I'm only 7 pounds vs Scarlett at 80 pound but I am much braver than she is......

Stay safe everyone!   Wear a mask or better than that......STAY HOME!