Daddy had to get a trolly for our luggage! 🤣

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Hi everyone,

We have landed in Asheville, NC from our cross country trip to California. Sooo much fun!  Mom and her bestie, Gwen, got to hang out in San Luis Obispo...they went to a hair bar, had a quick blowout, had lunch and shopped all afternoon.  Gwen is awesome!   She’s a psychologist....she helps people lose weight, stop smoking, helps with anxiety, lower blood pressure and lots more.   Check out her website...   Gwen is accepting new patients....if you can’t make it to San Francisco, she also does virtual counseling.

Daddy looks overloaded in this picture....with lots of luggage....but we’ve been gone over two weeks and Mom, Scarlett and I don’t travel light....Daddy does.🤣🤣🤣🤣.   We landed in Guthrie, Oklahoma and found lots of great antique shops....we had to buy plastic tubs for Mom’s treasures them and pack them securely....we did it!

I LOVE our family adventures!


Mom & Gwen

The “alley” was filled with globs of gum and business cards!