Distressed Denim Jackets are a must!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Good morning!☀️
Check out this adorable, distressed jacket!   We have hundreds of designs you can choose from!   These are our #1 seller and will make great gifts!  Matching collars and denim leads are also available. 🐾💕

Mom tripped going out of the garage yesterday and she is stuck on the sofa with her foot soaking in tub of ice…with a little water added to it.   I’m going walking without her….just me, Dad and Scarlett….this will be interesting…Mom is giving Dad instructions on what I like and don’t like.🤣. My little water bottle with ice is packed, a couple of treats, fresh blankie for my stroller, sunglasses and a toy.   I’m ready to get dressed now and head out…..wish me 🍀.