Dulcimer Tapestry Players

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

 Hi everyone!

We all had sooo much fun at the Ice Cream Social at church today.   The Dulcimer Tapestry Players provided entertainment and they are awesome!  Their music and singing is beautiful.   I could have listened to them all afternoon.   

We had lots of Ice Cream, toppings, brownies, cookies, etc….but do you know what I had???  A tiny spoonful of Vanilla Ice Cream with a little dab of whip cream!  But I had one of my treats with me!  I always keep a stash with me.   Mom doesn’t let me have but a tiny taste of ice cream.   I really miss my buddy RC at church.   He would always put me in his lap and let me have my own tiny bowl of ice cream ….but no chocolate.😱   RC is no longer with us and I really miss him.😢

Check out the clip below: