Exciting News!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Hi everyone,

We will be carrying healthy, delicious doggie treats and more, very soon.   My mom and Dad only give us healthy food and our customers have been asking for a looonnnngggg time for us to carry healthy goodies in the boutique and online.   Mom is working on it, big time, and is waiting for samples to arrive to choose what we will be carrying.    Scarlett and I are very lucky rescue babies.   Our parents take such good care of us and don’t give us things to eat that aren’t good for us.   I’m such a picky girl....my Daddy cooks chicken....just for me.   My treats are an apple slice, carrot, salmon stick and other good stuff.  Scarlett will eat anything....except an 🍎.....

Do you know I now have over 42k followers on our website?   Thank you soooo much for following us.   I will keep you posted on our choices for goodies/treats we will be carrying.  

Abigail & Scarlett