Excuse me! Where are my steps???

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

I am ready to board the airplane and my steps are missing!   I just saw my buddy "Ronnie" cutting the grass at the airport and I tried to get his attention to come over and give me a little boost.   My Mom is in the plane getting my seat set up and Dad is sitting in the cockpit doing the preflight........They told me to wait in the car but I am just sooooo excited about going in the airplane that I got out of the car all by myself and now i'm trying to get into the plane.......but my Mom has a GPS type sensor on my collar and she knew I was on the move.........soooooo......here she comes........rushing out of the plane to get me and put me in my seat.  I feel like a VIP.....I have my own security team with me 24/7, complete with cameras..... :-)   I know my parents love me!!!!