Favorite airports coming up!!!

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Good morning everyone!

I get asked soooo many times where is my favorite airport, best food and the best customer service!   Soooo, I'm going to put together my favorite airport list....including where I feel like a little Princess......places where someone drives the cart out to our plane, swoops me up and drives me to the FBO.  Cafe's that have my "favorite" seat waiting for me, along with fresh water (for Scarlett too), my favorite lunch......a grilled chicken tender, slice of apple and a carrot and so much more!  Stay tuned for my top 5 picks.......coming soon!

My Dad & Mom fly lots of rescue dogs for Pilots N Paws and we go to many, many airports to pick up rescues, meet other pilots, have lunch, etc.   Scarlett & I both are rescues and we had a really really rough start in life.   I was found in awful shape, messed up legs, very matted, nails broken, paws in horrible condition but thank heavens someone took me to a shelter where I was nursed back to health and look at me now.....I've won the doggie lottery!   Scarlett was traumatized as a puppy.  She was afraid of everything.   When Dad & Mom adopted her she weighed 45 pounds and was only 6 months old and scared of her own shadow.  Daddy had to carry her in his arms everywhere.   You couldn't even sneeze around her....she would run into everything getting out of the way.....and forget about riding in the car....she would freeze in one position and not move.....don't even mention the plane....she would be hitch hiking out of here if she thought she was headed the airport.  But, now, we love flying, we put our headsets on, get snuggled in our airplane beds and we are ready to go.  Scarlett literally "hangs" out of the window in the car.....the girl LOVES to ride..   Me???  I can't see out of the window unless Daddy is giving me a boost.  He taught me how to put my feet on his arms and now I can hop up and look out of the window too.  I love the air blowing on me....a little....but not much!

Abigail & Scarlett


We’ve landed and I smell food! 

Let me out of here,  the golf cart is on the way to pick me up!  I told Mom to bring my hair brush into the FBO, the wind has made me unpresentable.

I’ll have a chicken tender and a slice of apple please….oh, and for dessert a small carrot.

Headsets are off!  I’m ready for an adventure!

It was a long flight, I’m taking a short nap before my lunch arrives. 

I need a blanket please 

Scarlett thinks she’s “cool” and is ready for wheels up!

Ok Daddy, cabin is secure and we are ready for take off!✈️

I’ve arrived!

Mom told me to “relax”, my appetizer will be here soon…..

It has been a busy day!  Lots of rescue pups went on their Pilots N Paws Freedom Flight to a safe shelter in NJ today and now, I’m going to check out and nap….all of the way home.  I’m tired from playing with all of our furbaby passengers.   I had a talk with them and told them Scarlett and I both have been in the same situation they are in…and not to worry….they will be adopted and live th happy life they so much deserve!