Going to Grandma's soon!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Hi everyone,

We are going to see my Grandma soon and I am just sooooooo excited!   Scarlett and I are already packing our bags!   We LOVE going to see grandma!   We wish she would come back with us for a visit so Scarlett and I can show her our newly decorated room!   I always sit in grandma's lap in the airplane.......she cuddles me up in my blanket, we look out of the window and I take naps!  I must have gotten my love for flying from my parents.  My Dad is a Pilot, my Mom was a Flight Attendant and Mom is now Dad’s Co-pilot and she flies the plane too.  I’m the junior co-pilot.....I sit on their shoulders and watch for anything strange outside😂😂😂.  Scarlett is toooooo big to sit in her lap so I get extra time with grandma!!!!

Stay tuned for more adventures!