Good Morning!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Hi everyone,

Guess what?? My blog on our website has over 46,000 followers!   I had no idea when I started my blog that I would have so many followers.   I love hearing from you...thank you for your emails, cards, etc.   I don’t post every day on the blog because I’m a busy little girl, flying on rescue flights with my parents & Scarlett, helping my Mom in the boutiques and being a little social butterfly.  

My Mom has a habit of taking my picture when I am not ready.   I think she tries to catch me in the most unappealing poses while I’m sleeping or stepping out of the door to the airplane into the wing with my hair blowing and my dress almost over my head.....she always saying.....Abigailllllll, look at mommie......well, I’ve learned to not look at her because I know she’s going to have the camera in my face.

Happy Tuesday!

Abi & Scarlett 🐾🐾