Great day for relaxing!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Hi everyone,

We've been sooooo busy decorating Christmas trees all over the house and the boutiques, Christmas shopping, exercising, flying and looking for a home in the mountains so we can live near mom's cousin, Sharon.  Don't will be our mountain home....we will go there to relax and get away from the high pace living around here.  We won't be there permanent.   I told Scarlett today we need to "chill", take a day.......hang out on the sofa and watch Christmas movies.......Mom bought me the cutest little cuddler sleeping bag and I dig down and bury myself and take long naps!  

We have the cuddlers in stock and customers have gone ballistic over them.......We have a few left!   Stop by to see me and check out the cuddlers.


Abi & Scarlett