Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Today is my parent's wedding anniversary!   We are going to celebrate and have sooooo much fun.

They have been married a LONG time and I have the BEST parents in the world!   Scarlett and I get to go to sooooo many different places and do lots of fun things.   My Dad is always telling us that he has to tip toe around when they are getting ready because Scarlett & I are running behind them letting them know we are ready to go!!!!!  Our bags are always packed!   I have a new car seat for the plane and it has my name monogrammed on it.   Scarlett is tooo big for a car seat but she does have a huge, fluffy blanket with her name....... :-)

Happy Anniversary Mommie and Daddy!  Scarlett and I LOVE you sooooo much!!!!