Happy Birthday Theodore!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Good morning!

Today is Theodore’s birthday.   He is 7 years old.   Theodore was with my Mom & Dad when they flew to SC to pick up Scarlett for her Pilots N Paws Freedom Flight to a safe shelter..  He went on all of their Pilots N Paws Rescue Flights and was known up and down the east coast…he got really special treatment at the airports….he was VIP.  Scarlett was scheduled to fly up north but the weather wasn’t great…so, she overnighted with us and really bonded with Theodore.   My Mom, Dad and Theodore fell in love with her…she never made it to the shelter….they adopted her.  
Theodore stayed at our house almost every day and Scarlett loved it.   His Mom owned a boutique at the mall and she worked a lot…so Theodore hung out at our house, played with Scarlett and went with us on doggie rescue flights.   
A few years later, Theodore and his Mom moved back to the coast and Scarlett was soooo sad.  But…they have been to visit us and he’s the best looking model in Gate Nine Boutique’s Fashion Show.❤️ (I have a crush on him…but don’t tell anyone). ❤️