Happy Monday!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Hi everyone,

Macey and I had soooo much fun at the fashion show on Saturday.   There were lots and lots of people and sooooooo much cuteness on the runway!   It was Macey's birthday!  She turned 14 years old!   She doesn't look 14 does she?   Check out this Lexus LX540 we've been styling and profiling in.   The doors open, there is a radio inside and you can play music from your iphone......this car has bluetooth......seat belts, a gas pedal, horn that blows very loud, leather seats, GPS computer screen and sooooo much more!   Macey and I are two really cool divas!!!!

Lots of new Christmas outfits, gifts and so much more are in the boutique!  Stop by to see us......


Abi & Macey