Happy Monday!

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Hi everyone,

I'm getting lots of questions from my readers about my clothes, travel, my hairstyle, grooming, vet, etc and I want to fill you in on the latest.

A lot of my couture outfits are made by Linda Higgins @ Linda Higgins Designs.  She is awesome and has been featured at celebrity fashion shows, TV programs and so much more.  Her fashions are over the top.  Check out her website and tell her I sent you.

I am a very fortunate fur baby and Scarlett & I get to travel all over the country with our parents.   We have our "favorite" airports where someone comes out and picks us (Scarlett & myself) up in a car and takes us either to the restaurant to our private table or to the terminal where our private room awaits us.   We love flying and honestly, I would rather fly than do anything else.  

My hairstyle.....wellll....Mom combs me and makes sure I don't have any little tangles and then she puts my hair either in a ponytail or two ponytails...one on each ear.  Sometimes, she braids my ponytail but I think I look ridiculous and I let her know it.....braiding is only when she doesn't have time to get my ponytail perfect.

My groomer, Kris, is the best.  I have been going to her for over 7 years and I love her.  I'm a nervous wreck when I get there....I shake, cry and want my Mom and Dad...and Scarlett....Things really get rough when Scarlett starts crying too because she knows I don't want to leave without them....most of the time Scarlett goes with me and I'm a happy girl.  But Kris is great and I'm in and out of there in less than an hour.  She gives me the VIP treatment because she knows I have major separation anxiety.

Vet????  Whatever you do DO NOT EVER go to Youngsville Animal Hospital in the heart of Downtown Youngsville.  They are the worse hospital ever!   We were warned about the hospital before we ever went there but decided to form our own opinion.  Everyone basically said the same thing and they will never be going back to YAH.  Scarlett was sick in February and March.  Dad took her in and they "ran test"....the test results finally came in (almost 2 weeks later) and we never heard from a doctor.  The technician was the go between the patient and the dr.   They prescribed meds which were well over $100 and there was no improvement.   Scarlett went back for more test.....again....no doctor....only a technician that had to keep running to the back to ask the doctor a question.  Finally, we get an email with the test results....no explanation of any kind....My Dad called the hospital and ..of course, had to talk to a technician.    They wanted to prescribe another dose of the same medicine...the infection wasn't cleared up yet.....My Dad said NO. ...  He made an appointment with a "professional" veterinarian and they ran test immediately on her.   She had been bleeding for a few weeks off and on an we were getting NO HELP from YOUNGSVILLE ANIMAL HOSPITAL.   The professional vet ran test immediately and told Dad that Scarlett needs surgery.....immediately.  Scarlett had to be admitted to the hospital and she had surgery around lunch time. If Dad hadn't taken her to a "real vet" she would have died.   She ended up with 47 stitches, a drain tube, a huge cone and my poor sister had to stay very calm and still not do anything for 10 days.   At her 10 day checkup, they decided she was doing great but still needed more time to recuperate.   Almost 3 weeks to the day of her surgery, Scarlett was almost back to normal and we got to go on a flight to our favorite airport and see all of our buddies.   So.....if you love your fur baby and you really want a vet office that cares for your pet and communicates with you AVOID YOUNGSVILLE ANIMAL HOSPITAL.  If you have an emergency, go someplace else..........you will be glad you did.  We are going to be issuing complaints against them on the state level and all social media about this hospital....if you're smart.....you will stay away!