Happy Rescue Pups headed to a SAFE SHELTER.

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Good morning,

Yesterday was BUSY, BUSY!   We flew the sweetest pups from SC to Maryland.   The black lab and Scarlett played throughout the entire flight. The other baby was soooo afraid.  Daddy had to carry her to the plane and then carry her to her seat....with me.   I cuddled up to her and told her everything was going to be fine and I gave her a toy....I explained to her .....Scarlett & I have been in the very same situation and we have wonderful parents that love us sooo much and take really good care of us and she’s going to have a happy life.   When we landed she actually walked and didn’t have to be carried....I think she trusted me and was excited.   Her new parents were waiting for her at the airport with the rescue lady and they were hugging her and giving her some kisses.  She seemed to be more relaxed.

Check out the picture of her with her new family.  She’s in the arms of the little girl in the green coat.