Headed to Poughkeepsie! UPDATE! Road Trip!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Good morning!

We are headed north to see Grandma and family on my Daddy’s side.  Scarlett & I are sooo excited.  I have my seat with my bed, baby, treat, headset, blanket and the air vent is blowing on me.   Scarlett has her headset on and sitting in her bed.   She likes to look out of the window before we take off….but I like to get all settled in and take a nap….I’ll look all nice and refreshed when we land.   Scarlett will have bags under her eyes.🤣.   We got up before daylight …but no problem for me…..i’ll catch up on my sleep,….Mom will brush me and get me dressed before we land and I will step out onto the wing looking amazing!❤️   

Instead of a two hour trip……it took 15!   Our airplane is sick…so, we are on a road trip.😱