I ❤️ Shady Shack!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Hi everyone!

If you’ve never been to Shady Shack in Bracey, VA, you need to go ASAP!   It’s awesome!  Pam told us all about it and today, Dad, Mom, Scarlett & I drove up there.  There isn’t an airport nearby so we did a road trip!  Shady Shack is on the water at Lake Gaston and the views are gorgeous.   I was perched on the stool at our table, enjoying the views….when all of a sudden…..3 bees joined us!   You all know how I am about bees!   I was going into meltdown mode but Mom grabbed me, put me in my stroller…made sure no bees were in there with me and zipped it up….I had a great time!   My stroller fan was keeping me cool and I was stretched out watching every move going on around me..   Demarcus was our server and he was the BEST!  We will definitely be going back and I’m going to ask for Demarcus….

After lunch, we went into Poplar Pointe Boutique and I met some awesome people.   They have lots of neat things and great gifts.  I met Cooper and Brooke and a girl with gorgeous long hair with curls….I didn’t get her name.😱.  Brooke was squeaking a toy and I was striking all kinds of poses. 🤣🤣🤣.  We are going back soon and I’ll get her name.  Plus……wait for it……there is an over the top showroom with lots of gorgeous boats! 

We are going back to Lake Gaston real soon, have lunch at Shady Shack, shop the boutique and let Daddy look at boats!   I can’t wait!    If you get a chance to go to Shady Shack and the boutique….tell them Abigail sent you and I’ll be coming back soon.

Someone asked me what do I do when I see a bee???…..this is what I do…..I scream!


Getting situated in my safe spot…after the bees made their grand entrance!  Mom turned my fan on high so I couldn’t hear the bees in case they returned.


My Daddy!

All finished and ready to go to the boutique!

Hope to see you soon!