I ❤️ the coast!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

We are headed back to the coast for a couple of days!   But no sand and saltwater for me.  My hair will frizz up and I have to have a bath to get sand out of my hair…that’s the only CON about the beach…I have to get a bath every time I go on the beach and sometimes I end up with 2 a day Daddy put me under the outside shower and I had one major meltdown!  I hated it!  COLD WATER🥶  Mom scooped me up and put me under a towel but then we went in the house and it was too cold in there for me!  I was shivering and was miserable.   Mom took me out on the deck and let me dry off some in the sun instead of terrorizing me more with the hair dryer.  I love the beach, I really do…especially when we have the doors open and I can hear the waves…it’s great sleeping at night listening to the waves.  But, when we are on the beach…l prefer being carried to avoid another bath!   My favorite thing to do is put my blankets on the deck and sunbathe!