I have a new bed!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Hi everyone,

My new bed is now in our bedroom and I LOVE it    It has white lace, faux fur, pink satin ribbons with faux diamonds and a huge fancy broach on the headboard    You can own a bed just like mine or choose another colors.  More info is on our website.   The name of my new bed is Enchanted Nights.   Mom is still in the process of renovating our room but at least our beds are in place now.  We have new faux fur rugs that are soooo thick and soft but Mom says that’s the last thing to go into the room.  Today, we put the Christmas tree up in our room.   It’s sooo pretty but we have to wait until November 1 to turn it on.  

I’ll post pictures as soon as the room looks presentable....it’s a disaster in there right now with bins, boxes, ladders and toys spread everywhere.


Abi & Scarlett