I LOVE my cousin, Debbie Jeanne!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Good morning,

It’s such a gorgeous day here!   Scarlett & I have been in the flower garden helping Mom clean out feeders & birdbaths.   Debbie Jeanne brought us some of the most beautiful things for the garden and the birds are loving them.   Daddy put the Sunflower feeder on a tree and the squirrels don’t get near it.....because.....Mom put hot pepper all over the sunflowers!   The pesky squirrels hate it and the birds love it. 

Isn’t the Angel beautiful?   We put water in it instead if food and the birds love it.   Yesterday there were three little baby birds sitting around it and drinking water.   Mom takes ice cubes and puts it in the water to keep it cool....🤣 the birds love it!  There is a light on the angel at night....sooooo pretty!

Break is over...,time to head back outside..l