Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Hi everyone!

We are in Danbury, CT picking up my grandma for a visit with us!   I love hanging out with her.   We go shopping, out to lunch with friends and lots more.   My favorite thing is getting in her lap, and getting rubs!  
She makes the best potato salad, apple pie and Hello Dollie cookies!….I get a tiny bite of everything (if Mom isn’t around).  

Do you know what my Mom did the other day?  I was in my Daddy’s office asking for a cookie….Mom walked by and said…..”come on Abigail, I’ll get you a treat”……she handed me a baby carrot!!!!!……seriously……a carrot???  I do love carrots but I preferred a cookie out of the jar in Daddy’s room…..sooooo, I carried the carrot to him, dropped it at his feet…..and he asked me if I wanted to exchange it for a cookie……well, that’s a no brainer….or course I wanted to get rid of it….. Daddy took the carrot and I got a cookie…(don’t tell Mom).