I LOVE the Watermelon DRESSES!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

The watermelon dresses are my favorites for Spring & Summer.  We have two designs to choose from and they are just tooooo cute!   Plus, they have matching leashes! 

I’m really looking for warm weather.   I vibrate, big time, if the weather is under 75 degrees!

Tomorrow is a BIG rescue flight.   We have lots of adorable furbabies going with us on their Pilots N Paws Freedom Flight to NY.   I'm already getting my travel bag stocked up with treats and toys for our passengers......Scarlett and I are soooo excited!   We don't have to leave before daylight because a pilot from SC will be bringing the pups up to us and he's planning on arriving at our airport around 11:30.....which is great news to me.  I can get my uninterrupted beauty sleep!!

Happy Saturday!!!!

Abigail & Scarlett