I LOVE this bed!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Good morning,

Mom added a “new”, “vintage”suitcase, doggie bed yesterday in the boutique and I want it!  There was a PINK doggie perched in it when I first saw it….soooo, I went over to investigate and……I kicked that pink dog out of the bed and got myself all settled in while Mom was working.   When it was time to leave, I wanted to take it home…..but Mom said I already have 10 beds spread out upstairs, downstairs, in Daddy’s office and all over the house…..and I don’t need a other bed.   I even tried to do my “meltdown” routine and it didn’t work.   Mom picked me up and was “sweet talking” me…but I was devastated.   I really want the bed.   It’s so soft and comfortable and a perfect fit for me.   It even has “bling”!  I hope it’s still there the next time I go with Mom to work….I’m going to take a nap….I have a blanket in my stroller….I’ll just add it to the bed and enjoy my nap.🤣🤣🤣