I’m a big girl!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Good morning!

My Daddy taught me how to be a “real dog” and look out of the window while riding.   I love this…I’m not thrilled about it when the wind is blowing my hair out of the window and making my bow turn lopsided.  Daddy has been working with me and teaching me some fun things!   I help him at the ATM machine, using the keycard to open the gate at the airport, placing takeout orders and so many other things.   Scarlett and I get really excited when we are headed to the park.   Scarlett is in the back seat talking her head off,  hanging out of the window like a tour guide giving us step by step info on where we are….me??  I’m sitting in my Daddy’s lap waiting patiently for stop lights….that’s when I hang out of the window….but, when we get to the park,  Mom can’t get the door opened fast enough for me….I’m yelling for her to hurry up….I have to potty!😱. 

Today, I’m walking without my stroller…..I walked a lot and was getting tired so my Daddy carried me.❤️ 

Seriously, this is not exactly where I want to sit while Daddy gives his arm a rest from carrying my 6 pounds around.😱😱😱