I’m at Easton Airport! SUGAR BUNS for lunch.

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Hi everyone!

We just landed at a Easton, MD airport.   I always feel like royalty here.   As soon as we land....I’m prancing around on the wing to see who is on their way to get me.   I get picked up on the golf cart and escorted inside to the cafe ...where my table awaits me.   Mom and Dad are unloading the pups and I hang out with Susan, the owner, and Barbara In the restaurant.   They know what I like to eat so I just take a nap in the booth or play with Susan’s fur baby, Annie while waiting for my parents.  

If you’re ever in the Easton, MD area ....you have to go to a Sugar Buns.  The food is delicious and the desserts are to die for.  My Mom takes a box full of goodies home..  Susan, was an international Flight Attendant just like my Mom.  Susan took all kinds of cooking classes in Italy, France and lots more places.   She makes the most gorgeous catering trays!   My mom didn’t take cooking classes🤣🤣🤣she was too busy on her layovers doing site-seeing, shopping, riding cable cars to the top of mountains, boating, biking, etc.   I can’t quite see her in a cooking class.  But she does bake fantastic chocolate cakes.   Her friend from Ireland sends her the real chocolate blocks and homemade vanilla flavoring.   Plus she makes great fudge too.   Dad is the cook around the house.   We have an outdoor kitchen and a Dad is the chef.  I don’t know if Mom even knows how to turn on the outdoor grill.   I doubt it.   She decided one day to bake a beer can chicken with all of the trimmings.....omg!   That chicken was solid rubber!   My a Dad was tossing it around outside and it never fell apart.   No more grilling for Mom🤣

Have a wonderful day!