I’m at Harnett Regional Jetport!

Posted by Abigail Zeneski on

Good morning everyone!

I’m having sooo much fun today I can hardly stand it!  Dad, Mom & I flew down to Harnett Regional Jetport and Alex was working.  He had a batch of just baked chocolate chip cookies waiting for me.   Of course I can’t have the chocolate but I had one without the chocolate!   Sooooo delicious!   Alex got me a bowl of cold water and I made myself at home on the sofa with my cookie while Alex, Dad & Mom talked about fun things to do in Puerto Rico.   If you’re ever in the Lillington, NC area, stop by the airport, sit on the old timey rocking chairs outside on the porch, watch the planes land and take off and have some fresh baked cookies and a soda and tell them Abigail sent you.

If you see Pilot Ken at the airport, tell him Abigail said…...let’s plan on meeting at KJNX soon and have lunch.

My buddy, Alex!

I’m headed to the best seat in the building, with an awesome view…with a cookie!

No photos please!  I’m enjoying myself by rolling around, turning flips and I ditched my bow!  

I ❤️❤️❤️ this airport and I get soooo excited when I find out that’s where we are headed!