I’m here!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Good morning!

It’s going to be an awesome day!   We are spending a couple of days at the beach house.   I love it!   We get up really early, walk the beach and pick up shells.   Scarlett and I run away from the waves but we do love running on the beach....we aren’t on leashes and my stroller is left behind at the house.   Only thing I don’t really love is....  I have to get in the sink and get my feet washed....because my hair is very long and sand loves to attach to my feet.😱

A few more answers to your questions:

Do you & Scarlett like to go to restaurants?   
Yes!   We love restaurants.   Our favorite is Sugar Buns in Easton, MD and also Simply Susan’s in Blueridge, VA.   We meet lots of fun people.

Does Scarlett like to wear clothes? 

Absolutely!   Scarlett is a DIVA and really struts when she’s dressed to the max.