I’m not feeling good today!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Good morning!

I’m not having a good morning!  I’ve been scratching and itching and freaking my Mom out and of course….off to the doctor we go!    Look!  I know I’m a drama Queen and I lose it when I go to the doctor.   Mom and I went inside the doctor’s office while Daddy & Scarlett stayed in the car.   Wellll, I wasn’t happy and I let everybody in the building know it.   I was crying, shaking, talking really loud and since none of that helped…..I started screaming!   Every person that works at the dr office came to see what was going on…and I think I scared the other dogs in the waiting area…..they were shaking too!   Mom sent a text to Dad to let him know I was having a meltdown.😱 All of a sudden there was Scarlett ….kissing me and Daddy was running to me.   They rushed inside to help me.❤️   I really lost it then!   Daddy grabbed me and was hugging me!  I was still shaking, crying and talking rather loudly.  But, I calmed down some… but I was still scared!   Into the examination room we go….Mom, Daddy, Scarlett and the patient…..ME!  Scarlett was happy to see the doctor and was shaking hands!  But she wasn’t going to get a cavity search like me!  They wanted Daddy to put me on the table….forget that….I was sooo scared and upset….then,  I had to weigh in and get a stick up my butt to see if I had a fever!  No fever!  I weighed 6. 6 pounds….probably lost a few ounces from shaking.   The doctor examined me, gave Mom some ointment to stop the scratching and I was breaking the speed of light getting out of there.   I do not like the ointment on my chest.  It’s greasy!   Mom put a t-shirt on me to keep me from scratching and to keep the ointment from getting all over my long hair …..I’m still scratching when she’s not looking🤣🤣🤣….but don’t tell her or I’ll be headed back to the doctor!

My baby & I are hiding out in my room in the car/bed where I can scratch in peace.