I’m rearranging Scarlett’s blankets for my nap!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Hi everyone,

Scarlett has a huge bed and I love going in Daddy’s office and rearranging her blankets to fit me!   Scarlett doesn’t care if I check in and spread out.   But she did give me a strange look....So I had to remind me that she spreads out in 2 of my beds at once and to get over it.....I’m going to take a nap!   Daddy is working in his office, Mom is outside and I do not like to be alone.    

Scarlett & I have 5 beds in the Family Room,  3 in the Master Suite, 2 in Daddy’s Office plus we have 2 in our own room upstairs and in Mom’s office there is a comfy sofa we love!   With all of the beds in the house, Scarlett has lots more she can choose from..